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Civil Engineering

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Peter Engelmeyer

Peter Engelmeyer

Senior Engineer Project Manager

My name is Peter Engelmeyer and I work for MnDOT District 7 in Mankato.  I’ve been at MnDOT for about 2 years in the Project Management group.  My wife and I have two kids (ages 2 years and 3 months) and reside in the Mankato area.

Scott Swanson

Scott Swanson

Lab Chef

I’ve been in the Construction Industry for 28 years, 18 years of them being on the private side of construction working as Quality Control Manager for a couple of Bituminous Companies.  I was responsible for the day to day testing of aggregates and Bituminous material that went out to projects making sure that all the material meets the projects specification. Along with managing the aggregate resources of the companies. I have been with MnDOT now for the last 9 year as the Lab Chef I test the material that the Contractors are putting on our projects verifying they meet MnDOT Specification for the project.  I like to go camping with my family and sit around the campfire roasting marshmallows or smoke a brisket or ribs for dinner.

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